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    Coerver® Coaching has shown that the game-changing skills of today's top player's can be learned; that "talent" is largely acquired through intensive, repeated practice rather than through being naturally gifted. Our primary objective is to develop the local game and play our role in taking South Africa to where it belongs on the global football stage.


    Coerver® Coaching stands apart from other football programmes in it's intense focus on ball mastery, technical proficiency & small group play, rather than team systems; a focus that has brought unmatched success.


    the world's #1 soccer skills teaching method

    For over 30 years Coerver® Coaching has been hailed as a leader in football education. In 1974 renowned Dutch coach; Wiel Coerver, revolutionised the way players were being taught by taking the moves & skills of the world's leading players & breaking them down into teachable steps.


    In 1984 Coerver® Coaching co-founders Alf Galustian & Chelsea FC legend Charlie Cooke agreed to take Coerver® Coaching to the rest of the world. Today we find ourselves operating in over 40 Countries having developed strong relationships with some of the world's leading clubs & National Associations, among countless others; Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester City, SL Benfica, the French Football Federation & the Japanese Football Association.

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