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Breaking down defenses

Playing between the lines

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For us the pick of this week's fixtures was the France versus Germany international friendly. The ability of the players to play between the lines was phenomenal with Mesut Ozil and Killian Mbappe popping up and creating havoc.

This drill will help players develop the ability to search for spaces under pressure. Using 2 balls, while not realistic to the game, creates the overload required to stretch their awareness and technical responsiveness.


Setup: 30x30 with 3x 10x30 zones | Divide players into 2 teams | Play a 3 v 3 in each teams attacking 3rd with a 2 v 2 in the middle zone | Players try create space and move the ball through the relevant zones to score | Players must play through the middle zone (cannot bypass)

Progression & Variation: Add a 2nd ball | Players can move into the next zone once they have passed the ball through creating a numerical overload.

Coaches Tip: Receive the ball on the back foot | Move in relation to where you want to pass the ball | Check out to create space as an individual | if one comes short, the other long - maintain balance and shape at all times.

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