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Lose your man

With lightening speed

· Drill,Speed,Agility

Being able to find spaces relies on your ability to rid yourself of your marker. With defenses getting better and better drilled the ability to lose your man is something that very often makes the difference in the tightest game.

Speed, as always, is king and the ability to execute a body feint to send your marker the wrong way and then accelerate into the open space is a skill that needs to be mastered by all players. Use this drill to work on the agility and acceleration needed to lose your man and find space.


Setup: Place 2 markers 20m apart | Place another 2 markers 1m apart in the middle of the first 2 markers | Mark 4 gates 20m from the middle markers as shown in the picture | Divide the group into 2 teams | Teams start on opposite ends starting on the first 2 markers | The attacking team starts by jogging toward the marker in the middle | The attacker executes a feint and accelerates to any 1 of the 4 gates | The defender must try to touch the attacker before he goes through the gate.

Progression & variation: (1) Repeat as above BUT both players must perform with a ball | (2) Perform the same exercise with only the attacker having a ball | (3) Remove the middle markers | Have the defender pass the ball to the attacker and close don quickly - the attacker tried to score by dribbling through any 1 of the gates.

Coaches Tip: Push the players to go faster by regularly commanding more


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